About Us

Apex IT Solutions is a technology company founded by experienced professionals with history of business, academic and technological accomplishments, with combined professional experience of over 20 years in Technology industry. We have global working professional exposure of and have extensive experience in building and delivering IT solutions.

We partner with our clients in extending their product development teams for high quality application development. We work as a partner with product companies, application development firms and in-house technology teams to forge new revenue streams in IT Services for various industry verticals. We have a lean mind-set and follow agile practices in building applications with a collaborative delivery approach, which helps our clients to innovative, create and maintain successful value adding products. Our services are further accentuated by our application support and enhancement services

We have deep expertise in building solutions with latest and most reliable technologies. We enable our clients with the most opportune architecture and appropriate technology stack for their business needs. We help clients find right problem-solution fit, choose right platforms and create emergent design & lean architectures by leveraging right tools & technologies.

Promise & principle

We go beyond the obvious - with intelligence, passion and creativity - to discover new directions, set strategies and plan actions that inspires extraordinary success.